Rayovac Vs Duracell 2023 | Which One Should You Use?

rayovac vs duracell

Today we will discuss what kind of battery you need to buy. I just wanted to give you an idea of what kind of battery is suitable for your uses. I just wanted to give you a comparison of Rayovac vs Duracell.

There are many types of batteries that you can use in various appliances and devices in your home. But with so many other brands to choose from, how do you decide which ones to buy?

This guide will give you a rundown of the various types of batteries that you can buy from Rayovac and Duracell.

Each section will help you to decide which is the best one for your needs. So, helps to ensure that you get the best from them when using them in any particular appliance or device.

What Are the Best Rayovac Batteries?

Three top-rated and the most popular Rayovac battery review is the focus of this part. They are worth every penny because of their durable build quality and consistent performance.

1. Trusted Alkaline with No Leaks: RAYOVAC AA Alkaline Batteries

Rating: 4.8

Text Beside Product Image: Some batteries leak acid and damage the device which is not the case with Rayovac batteries. For general use on remotes, toys, flashlights, radios, you can rely on them.

The listing includes different packages ranging from 12 pieces a pack up to 72 pieces. These are Alkaline batteries suitable for everyday electronics.

The production process ensures complete sealing eliminating the chance of leaks. They are powerful and not very expensive like Energizer.

2. Great for Emergencies: Rayovac Alkaline D Cell Batteries

Rating: 4.6

Text Beside Product Image: Long shelf life of the battery is the most notable feature of it. So, you can keep some extra pairs lying around for emergencies and rely on their output even after a long idle time.

These high-energy size D batteries are very helpful in emergency situations. You can keep them stored for 5 years and still get the power like newly bought ones.

Rayovac manufactures them in the US ensuring a good build quality and performance customers expect.

3. Effective, Inexpensive, And Eco-Friendly: Rayovac AAA Batteries

Rating: 4.5

Text Beside Product Image: You would appreciate the packaging which biodegradable. The batteries are economical meaning, you can stock some for emergencies without spending a lot.

Though the previous one is not suitable to use after 5 years, these AAA batteries can last up to 10 years. The company ensures no leaks at any point of its service life.

For toys, remotes, smart electronics, and frequently used low-drain devices, you can rely on their backup.

What Are the Best Duracell Batteries?

Just like the previous brand, I have 3 Duracell Battery reviews here to help you know about their best products.

Rating: 4.9

Text Beside Product Image: 10 years of shelf life and top-notch performance are the reasons people trust Duracell more. The AA batteries are very helpful for running different devices.

Hundreds of thousands of people like these CopperTop Alkaline Batteries for their amazing performance and shelf life.

It is the #1 trusted brand in America for lots of reasons. The production line includes batteries of different sizes and shapes to use in everyday products.

2. Genuine Batteries with Long Shelf Life: Duracell CopperTop AAA Alkaline Batteries

Rating: 4.8

Text Beside Product Image: No leaks and no damages make these AAA alkaline batteries very safe and reliable to use. It is not the least expensive but the convenience and performance make up for it.

AAA batteries are also very demandable. Whether you want a pair for flashlights, smoke detectors, or remotes, you can get these Alkaline batteries from Duracell.

As they are the pioneer of the Alkaline Manganese Dioxide electrochemical system, you can rely on their products.

3. Great for Regular Uses: Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries

Rating: 4.7

Text Beside Product Image: Besides some poor ratings, these 9V batteries are widely accepted as the go-to batteries. Good packaging and a fair price are the reasons I love it.

Just like Rayovac, these 9V alkaline batteries from Duracell also offer a 5-year guarantee in storage. Remove the batteries from the devices if you don’t use them for long periods.

It will keep both the battery performance and the device’s health perfect.

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Rayovac Vs Duracell: 3 Differences to Consider Before Choosing One

The 3 key factors described here will give you a clear idea of which brand to trust. Let’s talk about them in short.

  1. Manufacturing Location
  2. Performance
  3. Price

Manufacturing Location Both brands manufacture their batteries in the US ensuring the quality and performance as promised.

However, there is a slight difference. Rayovac produces some of its heavy-duty batteries in Europe. Other than that, most of their products are born in America.

From the acquisition made in 2018 by Energizer, Rayovac is no longer a brand of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc.

  1. Performance

I have seen a tester using a battery tester device to check and compare the performance of different batteries of both brands.

According to the results, Rayovac Fusion is the clear winner with the highest backup time.

When it comes to the shelf life, both offer 10 years of guaranteed power reservation. And, they live up to their promises.

  • Price

A pack of 12 AA Alkaline batteries from Rayovac costs slightly above $7. On the other hand, the same product from Duracell costs more than $9, and the pack contains only 10 pieces.

The same goes for other types of batteries. So, those who are looking for a budget option must go for Rayovac and not Duracell.

Rayovac Vs Duracell

Rayovac vs Duracell: Alkaline Batteries Comparison

When it comes to the major brands producing alkaline batteries, you will find that they do not differ that much.

Indeed, from a shelf-life perspective, Rayovac and Duracell batteries come with a shelf life of around ten years. But in most cases, what you will find is they will probably last for about only 6 to 7 years.

Is Duracell Better Than Rayovac?

Indeed, when it comes to the performance of these two brands of batteries, there isn’t any real difference.

When tested, it was found that Rayovac batteries performed just as well as Duracell ones.

If Rayovac were falsely claiming that their batteries lasted as long as Duracell’s, you would think that Duracell would have sued them for false advertising.

Which Is the Cheapest – Duracell or Rayovac?

As you will see below, when comparing the price of these batteries, Rayovac batteries are cheaper than Duracell batteries. So let us look at the different types of batteries that you can get from Duracell and Rayovac.

Rayovac vs Duracell: AA Batteries Comparison

All types of AA batteries produced by these two companies are 1.5 volts and of equal size. All AA batteries measure 50 mm in length and have a diameter of 14.2 mm.

But there are a few differences between these Rayovac AA batteries and Duracell ones. Rayovac batteries have a price of $0.34, whereas Duracell’s price is $0.68.

 This is the cheapest per-battery price available in the highest battery count package at Amazon. Another difference relates to the battery’s run time.

If you were to use a Rayovac AA battery in a flashlight at 0.5A, it would require replacing after 3 hours. However, if you use a Duracell battery, it would last up to 3.25 hours.

Although the Duracell batteries have an 8% greater running time than the Rayovac cells, Rayovac is the winner when comparing the battery life cost per hour.

The cost per hour of a Duracell battery is $0.209, whereas the cost per hour for the Rayovac battery is $0.113.

Rayovac vs Duracell: AAA Batteries Comparison

Such batteries can be used in a wide variety of different devices, such as remote controls for TVs or Amazon Firesticks.

Both Rayovac and Duracell are 1.5-volt batteries, but they differ in their capacity, run time, and cost per hour of battery life. The price of an AA Duracell battery is $0.65. As for the Rayovac battery, these have a much lower price of $0.29.

If used continuously on a 400 mA LED flashlight, a Duracell AAA battery has a run time of 1.5 hours; the Rayovac AAA battery comes with a runtime of 1.1 hours.

The result will make you think about buying Duracell AAA batteries, and you’ll get what you pay for. But remember that the cost per hour of the battery life is where you see some difference.

The average cost per hour of life of a Duracell AAA battery is $0.433. For Rayovac AAA battery, it comes in at $0.264.

Rayovac vs Duracell: D Cells Comparison

These days, large arrays of devices need to be fitted with 9v D Alkaline batteries to power them. Such batteries will often be used in flashlights, smoke detectors, and so, of course, you need something that you know will not require replacing too often.

You will find that both Rayovac and Duracell have an excellent selection of 9v batteries for you to choose from. But it is important to note that there are a few differences between these two brands.

Rayovac vs Duracell
Rayovac vs Duracell

The first difference relates to the cost per battery. The Duracell 9v battery price is $1.70. But when it comes to the Rayovac 9v battery, it only comes with a $0.90/ count.

As for battery run time, there is a real difference between these two batteries. Both of them come with a shelf life of up to 10 years.

But it has been found that the Rayovac 9v D battery lasts 9-hour longer than the Duracell battery. And it leads to another big difference between these two brands of D-size batteries – the cost per hour of battery life.

The average cost of each Rayovac 9v battery is $0.037, whereas the average cost of the Duracell 9v battery is $0.113.

Rayovac vs Duracell: Hearing Aid Batteries Comparison

Just as with regular batteries, you’ll find that there are several different brands of batteries you can now use in hearing aids.

Generally, most hearing aids require 312 batteries to provide them with the power they need. But which 312 batteries are better? Those made by Rayovac or those made by Duracell?

Best 312 Battery Capacity: Duracell

A few years ago, a study on this subject found that Duracell’s 312 batteries were the winner.

Duracell 312 batteries could provide power for up to 276 hours, unlike the Rayovac 312 battery, which could only provide power for up to 204 hours.

Rayovac vs Duracell 312 Battery Price

As you will see when you take a look online, the prices do vary between the Rayovac Extra Advance and Duracell 312 batteries.

The average price of one Rayovac 312 battery is from $0.29 to $0.59. In comparison, the average cost of the Duracell 312 batteries is around $0.31.

You will find that the cost of the Duracell 312 batteries is slightly more than the Rayovac Extra Advanced 312 batteries but much cheaper than Rayovac Proline.

However, it is essential to note that Rayovac makes another type of battery for hearing aids.

This is known as the Proline Advanced and does cost a lot more compared to Duracell’s. Each one of these batteries will cost you around $0.60.

Is Duracell Better Than Rayovac?

In some ways, there isn’t very much difference between these two brands. Both of them are guaranteed to last for up to 4 years when stored correctly.

You can also purchase multiple packs of these batteries. You can buy Duracell 312 batteries as a pack of 60.

But when it comes to Rayovac 312 batteries, you can purchase packs of up to 80 batteries. So, price-wise, we would suggest that Duracell 312 batteries are better than Rayovac.

Who Makes Rayovac Batteries?

The first Rayovac batteries were produced back in the early 1900s and were at the time known as “The French Battery Company”. Then in 1934, the name was changed to “The Rayovac Company”.

However, since 2018 Energizer, in fact, makes the batteries that carry the Rayovac name. This is after they purchased the company from Spectrum Brands to have access to Rayovac’s technology.

Are Rayovac Batteries Made in China?

When it comes to the production of Rayovac batteries, unlike some other brands, these are not made in China. Today, all of their alkaline batteries continue to be made in Fennimore, Wisconsin.

However, the company has also chosen to set up factories for making their batteries in Europe, along with a factory in Guatemala. It is in Guatemala where a company called North Tech makes Rayovac’s heavy-duty batteries.

This is where some people seem to think that Rayovac batteries are made in China as North Tech happens to be a Chinese-made private label “heavy-duty” grade battery.

If you are looking for batteries that are both long-lasting and will not cost a great deal, then look no further than getting some that carry the Rayovac name.

Which Brand Is Better: Rayovac or Duracell?

1. Parameters of  Rayovac


Less Expensive


Zinc, Carbon

Backup Time

More Than Duracell

Storage Time

10 Years (5 Years for 9V)

Used for What

Toys, Remotes, Flashlights, Wireless Devices, Clocks, Hearing Aids, and Low-drain Electronics.

2. Parameters of  Duracell


More Expensive


Steel, Zinc, Manganese

Backup Time

Less Than Rayovac

Storage Time

10 Years (5 Years for 9V)

Used for What

Toys, Remotes, Flashlights, Wireless Devices, Clocks, Hearing Aids, and Low-drain Electronics

Both brands are good in their own way. As you know that battery performance varies based on lots of factors, it is hard to give the trophy to a particular brand.

The best practice is to know the pros and cons and choose the one that matches most of your requirements.

From the results of battery testing equipment, I can say that almost all of the top brands’ products perform almost similar to each other.

Now, you must think about why you are not seeing many more ads from Rayovac than the other one. That gives Duracell more authority or reliability.

Well, Rayovac focuses more on quality and price. That is why you can get a pack of 10 AA batteries from Rayovac cheaper than Duracell. For low-drain operations, both battery brands perform great.

Their technologies and build quality have matured over the years. So, no more acid leakage.

Also, longer shelf life has made them more convenient to store some in the house for emergencies. However, considering the marketing, promises, and real-life performances.

I consider Rayovac to be better than Duracell. It is because Rayovac Fusion lives up to the claim as the longest-lasting battery which is not the case for Duracell Quantum.

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In this article, I have tried to explore all the aspects of Rayovac vs Duracell. I have given a review about Rayovac vs Duracell for helping vehicle owners to select a suitable brand for their vehicle.

After reading this content you will be able to choose the right battery for your car, make sure you understand all the specifications of it.

From the Rayovac vs Duracell comparison, you have probably understood which one to buy. Rayovac is a powerful and inexpensive option.

On the other hand, Duracell batteries are more popular for their long shelf life and brand authority.

Also, Duracell Alkaline batteries are slightly more expensive. Now, the decision is up to you. If you ask me, I will go for Rayovac Fusion without any doubt.

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