LR44 Battery Equivalents | The LR44 Battery Specifications

LR44 Battery Equivalents

The LR44 is an alkaline coin cell battery characterized by its unique size. The size of L44 is 11.6mm in diameter and 5.4mm thick. There are some critical Lr44 battery equivalents but we have tried to do it some easy way.

They typically have capacities of up to 240mAh, have a voltage of 1.5V, and are mostly (non-rechargeable) due to their alkaline chemicals.

LR44 batteries are widely used in small clocks, alarm clocks, motherboards, medical devices, etc. LR44 Batteries Coequals, Cross Reference, lr44 battery equivalents, Charts, and Reserves. 

The LR44 battery is an a1.five-volt alkaline coin molecular battery. It is substantially utilized in colorful digital merchandise and widgets, from toys to far-flung controls to wristwatch batteries to calculators. 

It’s to be had from a specific estimable producer in a huge variety of chemistries, every with a unique set of blessings and drawbacks that may be essential relying upon the meant use.

 Knowing the lr44 battery equivalents fellow is critical if you want one in difficulty. 

Lr44 Battery Equivalents

The lr44 battery equivalent is understood for its lengthy life, big capacity, excessive strength viscosity, and responsibility, among different characteristics. 

They contribute to dependable performance, extraordinary effectiveness, and lengthy purposeful life. Many druggies requested us, What can I use as an alternative to the Lr44 battery?

Generally, AG13, L1154, LR1154, and 157 are a number of the maximum typically used backups for LR44 batteries.

You have arrived on the proper internet site if you need to examine approximately LR44 batteries and would love to shop for lots of them. 

 What Is Lr44 Battery? 

 The lr44 battery equivalents are a button molecular battery that consists of Alkaline Zinc Manganese acid. LR44 battery voltage depends on numerous effects.

In utmost cases, the lr44 battery equivalent is1. Five Volts with a running temperature variety of 0 °C to 60 °C, with 20 °C being the best temperature. 

 For the maximum part, nominal voltage is the open-circuit voltage of a brand-new battery at room temperature, which declines while the battery is being depleted.

The LR44 Battery Specifications 

  • Volt 12V
  • Cell Composition Alkaline Zinc Manganese
  • Confines D11.6 x H5.4 mm
  • Nominal voltage1.5 volts
  • End-Point voltage 1 volt
  • Arrestment voltage0.9 to1.0 volts
  • Capacity 110 to one hundred thirty mAh

LR44 Battery Features 

  • The use of manganese dioxide as a cathode allowed for a cheap operating cost
  • Excellent palpitation stability and sturdy drain characteristics
  • The immoderate-drain palpitation discharge offers a constant voltage affair
  • Leak resistance is boosted thru the manner of approach of the use of a modern seal design
  • It’s free of mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and lead (Pb)
  • Understanding the Battery Markers on Coin Cells 

 One also can moreover snappily affirm the chemistry of a button or coin molecular battery thru the manner of approach of reading the marker on the battery below 

  • LR stands for an alkaline battery; this is typically LR44 or LR1154
  • SR stands for tableware-oxide battery; this is typically SR44 or SR1154
  • PR – zinc-air battery, typically PR44 in configuration
  • MR stands for mercury battery; this is typically MR44 or MR1154
  • CR – lithium coin molecular battery, similar to CR11108 or CR2032
  • BR – BR2032 is a lithium coin molecular battery

 Electrolyte type and battery drain are indicated thru the manner of approach of these letters 

  • P electrolyte of potassium hydroxide (KOH); 
  • S electrolyte of sodium hydroxide (NaOH); 
  • SW low draw-type – typically applied in Tableware-Oxide batteries, similar due to the fact the SR44SW
  • W immoderate drain type – typically applied in Tableware-Oxide batteries, similar due to the fact the SR44W

Lr44 Battery Fellow Type 

 LR44 battery reserves are available in A76, AG13 LR1154, and 157. Other batteries, similar to the SR44, have an analogous format but a unique chemical. 

The LR44 battery is the same period as tableware oxide button cells because of the SR44, SR44SW, 303, and 357. To help with any complications, examine the following facts about LR44 battery reserves. 

 Alkaline (LR44 and LR1154) 

 Numerous people use LR44 alkaline batteries because of their low charge and immoderate functionality (110-130 mAh). 

Using the one’s batteries with a digital watch with a battery voltage index suggests it’s time to replace the battery at1.2V. 

For illustration, Hill flower LR44/ LR1154 can effectively use toys, small flashlights, and analogous bias. 

Tableware-Oxide (SR44 and SR44W) 

 It’s widely recognized that tableware-oxide batteries have a steady discharge, and they will be commonly employed in medical and perfection instruments. 

Batteries similar to the SR44, SR44SW, 303, and 357 are all identical in the period but range in chemistry from the LR44. 

Rayverstar LR44/ SR44SW inventories an extraordinary admixture of immoderate power and steady voltage. 

 Zinc Air (PR44) 

 It covers alkaline LR44 and tableware-oxide SR44 batteries. Hearing aids commonly use zinc-air batteries, which are tremendous irrespective of their lower voltage. 

Because they bear wet/ wettish electrolytes and air, PR44 is uncommon in the exceptional virtual outfit. The most well-known PacBell PR44 has a functionality of 630 mAh. 

Mercury Oxide (MR44 and MR1154) 

Mercury-oxide batteries aren’t used due to their toxin despite their harmonious voltage. Batteries that are probably disposed of inaptly can harm our natural coffers.

LR44 Battery Equivalents
LR44 Battery Equivalents

1. What Does LR in Batteries Mean? 

 LR stands for spherical alkaline and CR for spherical lithium. The first letter shows battery type, and the change letter shows shape. So, R approach spherical. 

 2. How Long Does an LR44 Battery Last? 

LR44 batteries commonly close 6 to eight times, relying on special brands. 

 3. Is an LR44 Battery the Same as a 357? 

 Both the 357 and LR44 are grey oxide batteries. But 357 batteries close longer and keep an additional steady voltage than LR44 batteries. 

4. What Duracell Replaces LR44? 

 The Duracell 76A is a right away comfort for the LR44, and the most effective distinction between the 2 is the name. 

5. Is LR44 higher than SR44? 

Because of its decreased cost, LR44 is a most well-known preference for toys and different general-reason operations. SR44 batteries are best for marine and different high-stop digital biases.


The number one confusion among the batteries is cleared as we realize that each battery has incredible nature. The nature of the battery is justified inside the form of-

  • Alkaline 
  • Tableware oxide 
  • Mercury oxide 
  • Zinc-air 

Debit: This battery is good, but its voltage drops down even as used regularly. 

Markers – Lr44, Lr1154 

Used in bias – Cd player, digital camera, toys, radios, etc. 

 2. Gray oxide – This battery consists of 100 and fifty to two hundred mAh with a voltage of1.55v. 

 Debit – No debit 

Pros – It supplies regular voltage to bias. 

 Markers – Sr44, Sr44w. 

 Used in bias: It’s used for the low strength bias like instruments, virtual watches, etc. 

 3. Zinc-air – These battery cells are 600 to seven hundred mAh with a current inflow of1.4v. 

 Debit: Its voltage is slightly low in contrast to tableware and alkaline, but it has a big cap potential strength. 

Downsides: Because of the low voltage and mercury’s winning, they may no longer be used more. 

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 Main Lr44 battery coequals are Lr44, A13, Lr1154, 357, 303, and Sr44 are the batteries used because of the coequals of the Lr44 battery. 

 As Lr44 is an alkaline battery, the major relief of an alkaline battery is a gray oxide battery. 

 Tableware oxide is a primary molecular battery and is drastically applied in watches and medical instruments. 

The fellow of sr44 battery is Sr44, Sr44W, 357, 303, SB-B9etc. There are some critical Lr44 battery equivalents but we have tried to do it some easy way.

Alkaline LR44 Battery Vs Silver Oxide SR44 Battery

Alkaline voltage drops over time, but the tableware oxide battery supplies a regular current. 

The battery cap potential of alkaline lr44 battery is prepared one hundred ten mph, which is much less in contrast to tableware oxide battery as it has a battery cap potential of 160 5 to 100 seventy mAh. 

 Alkaline batteries are an entire lot less expensive than tableware oxide batteries. The life of the tableware oxide battery is further than the alkaline batteries. 

Which battery is good for you, lr44 or Sr44 battery? 

 The decision for you wants to choose out that that is the better desire for you. If you want to use it in toys, you want to choose alkaline batteries as they may be less expensive in contrast to tableware oxide batteries. 

Or, if you want to use the virtual bias, you need to choose out tableware oxide battery. 

Because it offers the regular voltage all the time without any drop-up the voltage, as we realize alkaline batteries carry out at a low voltage of1.4 v, and they drop the voltage snappily. 

What must you maintain in your thoughts while changing your battery? 

 It might assist in case you usually stored in thoughts to healthy the voltage and the color regulation for your antique battery. 

This is vital for protection motives and will let you keep away from an explosion or hearth place threat that would else be in case you do not thoroughly update a battery with one with the precise specifications. 

For illustration, alkaline batteries have a special price than NiCd batteries. However, this could spawn the alkaline battery to warmness and certainly explode, If you blend them.  

This is mainly vital if you use disposable batteries, which you may want to update extra constantly. 

Be cautious while deciding how long your battery lifestyle lasts because the superior the milliamp-hour (mAh) status on a Li-ion, NiCad, or NiMH rechargeable method that it could shop in addition energy, usually expenses extra, and has decreased run- time in keeping with a price. 

So select a battery rated for as a minimum the equal or lesser milliamp-hour (mAh) status as your original. 

Norway gets rid of batteries in a hearth place because they may explode, inflicting excessive accidents or certain death. 

It’s additionally vital to no way shop unfastened batteries collectively because if one battery has in addition electricity than another, it could begin an electrical hearth place.

 Batteries will preserve a price longer the less regularly you operate them, so keep away from storing your bias in snuggeries or boxes. 

Also, maintain batteries out of intense warm situations, which could spawn them to go to pot quicker than usual.

This means that they are not paintings for assuredly lengthy previously hooked up right into a device.

What’s the LR44 button cell? 

 Product specifications for LR44 Alkaline Button Cell Battery The LR44 battery has remarkable storehouse capacity, excessive performance, and trustability. 

LR44 button cells electricity several special operations Calculators, thermometers, digital toys, small radios, cameras, and different low drain tackles.

 What are the confines of an LR44 battery Equivalents? 

LR44 Battery Confines LR44 battery functions with an outer edge of11.6 mm (zero.457 elevations) and a top of 5 four mm (zero.213 elevation).11.6 ×5.

Four mm batteries are to be had in numerous chemistries, everyone having barely special functions, and to assist the confusion, every producer can also additionally use barely special markers. 

 Can an LR44 battery get replaced with a cr11108 battery? 

 CR1/ 3N or CR11108 factor precisely double the peak of LR44/ SR44 batteries and are collectively exchangeable – one CR1/ 3N or CR11108 battery for a brace of LR44/ SR44 batteries.

A few humans update a brace of LR44 (3. zero V, 110-a hundred thirty mAh) batteries with an unmarried CR11108 battery.

Are all LR44 batteries the same?

The LR44 battery is the same in size but exceptional in chemistry as silver oxide button cells, including SR44, SR44SW, 303, and 357. 

Although batteries can suit every other’s gadgets pretty without difficulty, it’s critical.

What batteries are well suited with LR44 Battery Equivalents?

The 357 battery is a 1.55V button molecular battery made via way of means of Energizer. These batteries are typically utilized in small electronics, watches, gadgets, and toys.

Compatible Batteries. The 357 battery is well suited with the subsequent batteries: 303, A76, AG13, EPX76, LR1154, L1154, LR44, and SR44SW/W. 

Where can I purchase an LR44 battery?

LR44 batteries may also, without difficulty, be located at neighborhood hardware shops and online stores at instead low-cost prices.

What does an LR44 battery appear like?

What does the lr44 battery appear like? LR44 1.5V Battery is a 1. five-volt alkaline button molecular battery designed for popular use. 

A button molecular battery is a small, spherical battery. This is 11.6mm (0.457 inches) in diameter and five.4mm (0.21 inch) thick.


 Lr44 batteries are tremendous and cheap, but if you want a regular voltage, you can use the sr44 battery. As the lr44 battery drops the voltage, surely you don’t want that your wristwatch has to be stopped in between.

The LR44 battery is preferably designed for use in small handheld or portable instruments such as laser pointers, watches, and electronic car keys.

This disposable battery is available in two chemical versions: alkaline and silver oxide.

LR44 Battery Equivalents alkaline batteries are generally less expensive; however, the 1.5-volt voltage tends to decay better over time and generally shows a more temporary lifespan.

Alkaline batteries deliver a steeper discharge shape as they wear out over time, lose performance, and your electronic device may not perform as nicely as the foremost day of a new battery.

If you want to activate energy-efficient devices like flashing lights, alkaline chemistry may be all you need. Another benefit of LR44 alkaline batteries is that they are more typically located in physical stores.

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