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Lr43 Battery Equivalent

Today, from the platform of I will try to share some most important information about LR43 Battery Equivalent.

As we know LR 43, SR 43 LR1142, R1142, AG 12, 386, 307 Batteries can be used to charge small electronics and devices such as watches and toys. Depending on the IEC specifications, the Battery must be labeled either LR 1142-SSIL (alkaline) or SR1142.

In some cases, shorter codes are used: LR43 in alkaline batteries, SR43 in silver-oxide batteries, and other labeled items include AGA12,301,386, SG12, etc.

LR44 equivalent Batteries are the SR44, LR1142, SR1132, AG12, and 386 are 11.7 mm in diameter (0.4668 inches) high and 4.2 millimeters (0.654 inches).

Lr43 Battery Equivalent

They are commonly used in miniature clocks, toys, one-of-a-kind low-power virtual assemblies, calculators, vast types of much control devices, protective device components, and photography applications.

The button cells are 11.6 mm in size with a pinnacle of four. Two millimeters and weigh just four grams.

GP186 cells are compatible with battery codes AG12, A186, L1142, GP86A RW84, LR1142, WS10, and WL11 and are developed to offer dependable overall performance in low-drain applications.

Even though their parameters and electric-powered homes are unique, equipment that needs outmoded MR43 lifetime batteries may work adequately with an alternative LR43.

LR44 Battery Equivalent | A complete guideline: Best one

The LR44 Battery can be replaced with a silver oxide battery. The most common silver oxide counterparts are as follows:

  • 303
  • SR44
  • 357
  • SR44SW

A 1.5-volt alkaline battery, the LR44. The most common comparable batteries are as follows:

  • L1154
  • AG13
  • 157
  • LR1154

A copper and magnesium oxidizing switch molecular battery, the LR44 Battery is a zinc alkaline battery.

Even though batteries may easily fit into each other’s gadgets, it is essential to select the right battery sort for your device to avoid over/under discharge.

Double-check the scale and voltage of the Battery you require to avoid any headaches that might hurt your tool.

There are other batteries available that are comparable to the LR44 but have a different chemical makeup.

The LR44 Battery has the same length as silver-oxide button batteries as the SR44SW, 357, 303, and SR44, but its chemistry is different.

The LR44 Battery may be found in various items, including watches, embedded processors, and medical devices such as temperature sensors.

LR44 battery alternatives are 157, LR1154, L1154, A76, and AG13. These batteries can use in place of LR44 batteries.

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LR43 Battery Equivalent & Features:

  • Excellent value overall performance 
  • High-value overall performance has been performed due to the usage of manganese dioxide as a cathode cloth.
  • Excellent solid discharge and high-drain pulse discharge characteristics
  • Stable voltage output is to be had at some point of the high-drain pulse discharge.
  • Murata-specific sealing structure, coupled with a unique sealing-cloth treatment, has helped accomplish brilliant leakage resistance.
  • This product does now no longer includes Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), or Lead (Pb) and conforms to EC law values. The battery percent is excluded from the RoHS directive.

LR43 A186 Coin Cells

LR43 A186 Coin Cell batteries are exquisite for many transportable digital devices. They paintings flawlessly with the Taylor thermometer and the Oregon Calorie Stepper Pedometers.

 They additionally carry out properly with small radios, watches, cameras, calculators, and digital toys. The LR43 operates at a high operating voltage, providing you with all the power you need for your devices.

Each LR43 A186 Coin Cell is synthetic to be leak-resistant to your protection and has an extended shelf existence than different not unusual place batteries.

 You can shop for those batteries for numerous years, permitting you to inventory up and feature a continuous delivery for all your devices.

LR44 Battery vs. LR43 Battery

Alkaline LR43 batteries are also known as LR1142, and AG12, while silver-oxide SR43 batteries are referred to as SR43W, 386, SR43SW, SG12, SR1142SW, SR1142,301, and so forth.

The label is determined by the Battery’s chemistry, manufacturer, and intended use.

If you replace an LR44/SR44 battery with an SR43 or LR43 battery, be aware that you aren’t using the best Battery and that touch and other issues may occur.

Because the peak difference between LR44 or SR44 and SR43 or LR43 batteries is just 1.2 mm, many battery cubicles intended for SR44 or LR44 batteries may also contain and secure LR43 or SR43 batteries.

Famous Producers and their Features

Better purchase batteries made with the aid of using relied on producers. On sale, you may locate LR436 batteries synthetic beneath Neath numerous manufacturers.

However, the following manufacturers are the maximum popular: Robison Smart buy Rexant Energizer Perfeo; Minamoto; GP; Camelion Vinnic; Space. 

The merchandise of all of the indexed producers has a popular form and voltage. Also, batteries almost do now no longer fluctuate in quality.

However, the merchandise price can range appreciably, relying on the producer’s reputation. Also, the emblem or corporation call is implemented with the superb touch of the Battery.

Battery Analogs LR43 Battery Equivalent

Problems with the acquisition of the LR43 Battery normally do now no longer arise. However, if you want to update it with an analog, the subsequent batteries might be most appropriate: G12; AG12; RW84; 1167A; V12GA; SR43W; GP86A; LR1142. 

Depending on the analog and manufacturer, the capacitance and voltage can also add range slightly. The large the capacity, the longer the tool will last.

The voltage can vary with the aid of using 0.05 volts. For the most excellent gadgets, this mistake does now no longer matters.

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LR43 Battery Equivalent – FAQ’s

What Is the LR43 Battery Used For?

LR43s are an exceedingly famous battery and are best for packages requiring a small but solid battery.

  • Digital Thermometer
  • Calculator
  • Laser Pen
  • Flashlight
  • Security System Panel
  • Wrist Watches 
  • Medical Devices and Instruments
  • Memory Backup
  • Battery Pack Application

What replaces the LR43 Battery?

If you’re seeking out LR43, SR43, LR1142, SR1142, AG12, 386, 301 battery substitutes on your watch or a few similar touchy digital tools, cross for silver-oxide SR43, SR43S, SR43W, SR43SW, SG12 Battery, or for AG12, 186, 301, 386 batteries categorized as ‘silver-oxide’ battery.

What is LR43 equal?

Battery equal to LR43, G12A, 1176A, 186-1, RW84, V12GA ,GP86A ,L1142 186, 301A, 386A.

What Battery is similar to SR43?

386 Battery is a right away substitute for SR43W, SR43, SR1142, SB-B8, 280-41, H, V386, D386, 260, 

Are CR1220 and CR1225 interchangeable?

Do you? In maximum instances, they need to be interchangeable. 1220 won’t finally pretty as long. However, each is a three-volt Battery, and so long as the springy contacts of your tool make organization touch with the Battery, both will work.

What is a battery substitute for lr43?

Depending on wherein a patron stays and the emblem of Battery he’s seeking out, the LR43 has some distinctive equal replacements for distinctive devices. Some batteries that might update the LR43 are the AG12, G12, G12A, or V12GA.

Which is the battery move reference for button mobileular batteries?

Renate Energizer Eveready UCAR Maxell National Panasonic Sony Toshiba Varna Radovan 301 301 SR43SW V301 301 303 303 SR44SW V303 303 309 309 SR754SW V309 309 314 SR716W

What type of Battery is utilized in a calculator?

A kind of watches, toys, glucose video display units, and calculators use the 379 batteries. The Energizer 389 Battery is utilized in watches, remotes, toys, video games, etc.

For reliably powering your watch, toys, glucose video display units, and remotes, attempt the Energizer 392 Battery. For watches, toys, glucose video display units, and calculators.

What Is a Battery Replacement for LR43?

The LR43 is a small yet powerful alkaline button molecular battery that may be used to power various devices such as laser pointers, watches, and cameras.

The LR43 Battery has a voltage of 1.5 volts and a length of 11.6 by 4.2 millimeters.

LR43 has some distinct equivalent replacements for various electronics, depending on the consumer’s life and the kind of Battery he requires.

The G12A, G12, AG12, or V12GA are several batteries that might replace the LR43. The LR43 and analogs are occasionally used in gadgets that need silver oxide 301 or 386 batteries since they are significantly less expensive.

What is an LR44 battery and LR44 battery equal?

What is the best way to inspect the symbols on batteries? A spherical alkaline battery is designated as LR, whereas a spherical lithium battery is designated as CR.

The first letter denotes the type of Battery, while the second denotes its form (R is said to be spherical).

The LR44 battery equivalent is designed for everyday usage. The LR44 Battery provides maximum garage capacity, extreme performance, and durability in today’s watches, gadgets, and virtual products.

According to IEC standard 60086-3, the R44 Battery is a spherical molecular with a size of 11.6 millimeters and a top of 5.4 millimeters.

L1154 batteries are 1.5% volts button molecular hydroxide batteries equivalent to LR44 batteries.

The beauty of batteries is enhanced by using a variety of names and labels. The L1154 Battery is, without a doubt, one of them. Alternative popular names for this type of Battery are 157, AG13, LR44, and LR1154. 

Can I rate the LR43 battery Batteries of this kind aren’t meant for recharging.

 Ignoring this rule can result in an unhappy consequence. Even if it’s miles feasible to repair the Battery for a quick time via way of means of presenting consistent electric powered energy of small energy to its contacts, the Battery mounted returned into the digital tool may also leak.

 As a result of electrolyte spills, the tool can be damaged. It is likewise feasible that the Battery is overheated all through charging, which could cause an explosion or fire.

What is the equivalent of an L1154 battery?

Which Battery is what might be compared to the L1154 Battery? All AG13 Button Batteries are comparable to the L1154 model.

Are LR43 and LR44 batteries the same?

Does this supplant the LR 44 battery? Reply: The LR43 is a similar voltage, a similar width, the lower Mama hr., Or more all, it is 1.2mm slenderer than the LR44. Essentially, if you can introduce batteries (same number of batteries, extremity, and so on.)

Is LR44 same as L1154?

L1154 batteries are button cell 1.5-volt soluble batteries. Other standard names for this Battery are LR1154, LR44, 157, and AG13.  

What Duracell battery is equivalent to LR1130?

Compared to LR1130, batteries are 389, GP389, V389, LR54, D389, SR1130W, SR54, 189, SR1130, S1131E, G10, and GP189.

What replaces a 386 battery?

386 Battery is a quick swap for SR43, SR43W, SB-B8, SR1142, H, 280-41, D386, V386, S1142E, GP386, 260, AG-12, 386, AG12, 8 LR3, SG6X6, 3 LC3, LCR6.

What Battery is equivalent to 357?

The size of the 357 battery is identical to the SR44W Battery. The two renditions (SR44W and SR44SW) have a similar voltage and a similar visual size. It is protected to utilize the high channel adaptation rather than the standard variant.

What Duracell battery is equivalent to LR44?

The quick swap for the LR44 will be the batteries of Duracell 76A, Catalyst A76, and AG13. These batteries are the same size as the LR44 Battery, the main contrast being the name. These batteries can be in every way supplanted. Are the LR44 batteries equivalent to the 357?

How many batteries do I need to power my LR44?

1 LR44 battery is required. That is what could be compared to you. Ensure these are equivalent by entering your model number. To see our cost, add these things to your truck. A portion of these things moves quicker than others.

Can I use a 377 battery instead of 364?

On some watches, it Won’t WORK. Battery 364 or SR621SW is a minor/short. On a tiny watch, the addition of 377 or 626 may interfere with the conclusion of the case back.

For my 7.62-millimeter size (Date of Manufacture of the product) W624, the case back might be stacked entirely, or the development will work, but not both.

Is Energizer 357 the same as L1154?

Ten packs of Exell Battery-L1154 Soluble 1.5Volts Clock Battery Replaces 

357, AG13 LR44. The Exell Battery-L1154 AG13 Soluble clock battery is a famous calculation with a 1.5Volts antacid battery and has high working voltage, high power, and low-temperature highlights.

Can I use 357 instead of LR44?

Neither and not. Lr44 is a basic 357 silver oxide. 357 is a severe form of the silver oxide antacid L44.

Important Note:

Like the LR43 and its equivalents, Batteries have a protracted provider existence and offer a dependable non-stop electricity supply in your device.

 I hope to provide you with an entire and correct picture of the LR43 battery equivalents. You have won enough expertise which will distinguish among all of them.

Compared to silver oxide batteries, alkaline batteries are much less highly priced and remain longer. 

If you want a substitute battery for a toy or different non-touchy digital gadget, look for an ‘alkaline’ AG12, 186, 301, or 386 battery.

Lr43 Battery
LR43 Battery Equivalent


We will summarize a long story such as SG13, AG13, SR44, LR1154, SR44SW, 357, 303, LR44, and A76, Batteries, which can all be traded or worked overall or can be supplanted by different batteries of similar size and highlights given.

If you collect batteries without knowing their name attributes, this can be an enormous wreck. Different models are accessible, containing various voltages, endpoint voltage, channel, volume, milliamp hours, and highlights.

To help you, our more educational blog entries about SG13/AG13/SR44/LR1154/SR44SW/357/303/LR44/A76 are enough for simple inclination.

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